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Colco Scientific - Secondhand Laboratory and Medical Scientific deals in Secondhand Laboratory and Medical Equipment worldwide. Buy equipment DIRECT FROM END-USERS at low prices, or sell YOUR SURPLUS equipment through us. Preowned instruments for Biochemistry, Blood Gas, chromatography, Coagulation, Haematology, Histology, Microbiology, Microscopy, Molecular Biology, Spectroscopy etc., as well as CT, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray.

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Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.www.bioanalytical.comBAS (Bioanalytical Systems Inc.) manufactures scientific instruments and offers contract analytical services. We provide creative solutions to problems in chemical analysis through the design of innovative analytical instruments, expertise in bioanalysis and pharmaceutical analysis, and decades of experience in research involving neuroscience, drug metabolism, electrochemistry, liquid chromatography, microdialysis and veterinary medicine.

Shimoda Biotechwww.shimoda-biotech.comShimoda-Biotech is a leading South African biotechnology company focused on developing novel drug delivery technologies and new drugs, including cancer theraputics

Polymer Laboratories'' Company Websitewww.polymerlabs.comPolymer Laboratories manufactures GPC / SEC & HPLC instrumentation, GPC / SEC & multi detector software, GPC / SEC & HPLC consumables, resins for drug discovery, medicinal / combinatorial chemistry & peptide synthesis and clinical & diagnostic particles for pharma applications. We operate in the USA, UK, Germany, Benelux and France and are supported by a technical worldwide distributor network.

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Downstream Consult and Protein Purificationwww.downstreamconsult.deDownstreamconsult new frontiers in protein purification. The ultimate site for downstream processing.

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