question on food choice?????

question on food choice?????

okay whenever i eat i felt like im not eating the right food

my mom cooks about a good average of everything everyday like meat and veggie and grains

and when i eat veggies i felt like i need eat more meat to balance out my everyday nutrition requirment and sometimes i felt like eating too much bread since my family is poor and its hard to buy any food

and i cant just u no ” be myself” cuz if i do that then idk how much i ate or wat i need to eat next and i cant eat how much i want and making a chart on how much i should eat is stupid so wat should i do

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Start a food journal, write down everything you eat, then you’ll have a better idea of what you already ate and what more you need. If you want more balance try eating a smaller portion of meat.

Your question is a bit confusing. You plate should be Mostly veggies (like 1/2 veggies), 1/4 meat and 1/4 grians.

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