What are Pheromones?

Human pheromones are natural odourless "scents" men and women produce through sweat glands that attract the opposite sex. The Pheromone is well documented in the animal kingdom as the force that drives all social behaviour, particularly mating. An increasing number of scientific and independent studies now indicate that human behaviour can be heavily influenced by these sexual aromas.

The primary pheromone men secrete when they sweat is androstenone. As we age, our pheromone levels, along with our hormone levels, gradually decline. What is quite ironic is that in an effort to become more attractive, we all bathe and we all deodorize. However when we bathe we actually wash off our natural pheromones - our most alluring quality. To make matters worse, anti-perspirants, deodorants and antiseptics that we normally use to control body odour, actually clog the very pores that secrete the most potent levels of androstenone - sweat glands in our armpits.

Detecting Pheromones

While the molecules that make up regular odours are detected by receptor cells in the nose, pheromones are detected subliminally through a structure in the nose called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). The VNO is separate to the organ in the nose that is responsible for our sense of smell. Pheromone signals picked up by this organ are then relayed through nerves to an area of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is well known for its ability to alter emotions, hormones, reproduction and sexual behaviour.

Throughout the animal kingdom, it is easy to see the power that pheromones have over sexual instinct. A whiff of these airborne sexual aromas from a fertile female will spur a male of the same species to drop all business and meet the female for mating immediately. This is precisely what occurs when a bitch goes into heat. Male dogs all over the neighborhood are drawn to her like moths to flame primarily because of natural pheromones she emits into the atmosphere. The potency of pheromones is far less reduced in humans because these chemical signals must compete with many other perceived visual attributes that influence our behavior such as attractiveness, personality and appearance. However, if you''re looking for the man or woman of your dreams, unsuspecting pheromones in your body scent could exert a subtle yet profound influence on sexual desire because they turn on specific areas of the brain that control mood, hormones and sexual behavior.

Medical Science

For years, universities, scientists and the media alike have done research, experiments and studies on the effectiveness of pheromones. The strongest evidence for pheromone signaling between humans was first revealed by Dr Martha McKlintock of the University of Chicago , in findings published in the journal Nature. She discovered that the menstrual cycles of women living together tend to synchronize over time because of the chemical messages released in their sweat at different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Another study which appeared in the journal Neuron, used PET (positron emission tomography) scanning techniques to analyze the brains of 24 men and women while they smelled chemicals almost identical to the naturally produced sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. The scientists, led by Dr. Ivanka Savic of the Karolinska Institute, found that the hormone-like smells "turn on" specific areas of the brain, such as the hypothalamus, which alters emotions, hormones, reproduction and sexual behaviour and is normally not activated by regular odours. They also found the brains of men and women respond very differently to the hormones.

Women''s hypothalami are activated when they smell the chemical similar to testosterone but not to the estrogen-like substance, whereas men''s hypothalami have the opposite response: They are turned on only by the estrogen-like chemical and not the testosterone-like one. There is also sexual disparity between the specific sub-regions of hypothalamus that are activated.

In a 14-week study conducted by the Department of Psychology, San Francisco State University , almost three-quarters of women who had synthetic pheromones added to their perfume reported a massive boost in their love lives and in sexual attention from men. This study was featured in the U.S. journal Physiology and Behavior.

Media Coverage of Pheromones

Pheromones have been covered extensively in the media. You may have seen the ABC News experiment on television about the effectiveness of pheromones. They took a set of identical female twin sisters, dressed them up in the exact same outfits, hair style, etc., and placed them in a New York nightclub/bar and had them switch places throughout the night so that nobody realized that they were 2 different people. The only difference between the two, one was wearing witch hazel while the other was wearing pheromones. The Results were quite astonishing. The twin wearing the witch hazel was approached by 11 different men over the course of the evening, but the twin wearing the human pheromone was chatted up by 30 different men, nearly three times as many as her identical twin sister.

In another study covered by The Sunday Times of London, minute quantities of the male pheromone androstenone were used on a chair in a dentist''s waiting room. Women patients made straight for the chair.

Below is a list of magazines, newspapers, television and research institutes and their reports about pheromones:

The Effect of Pheromones

Although the Internet is rife with ads that promise instant sexual attraction with a dab of pheromones, that is quite an exaggeration of the effect of pheromones. They will not “drive” members of the opposite sex madly into your arms, and may take 4-6 weeks of regular use to have any effect at all. However, pheromone levels do influence how sexual and confident you personally feel, and can increase the love and romance in your life by giving you an “edge” and enhancing your sex appeal and attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. Emitting pheromones will make you a lot more pleasant to be around, and help create that extra-special sexual spark between yourself and that special woman.

Pheromones may also be responsible for giving your career a boost. Wearing pheromones may subconsciously help people around you perceive you as someone who exudes tremendous confidence. The more confident you are or are perceived to be, the more successful you will be in both your career and your personal life.

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