Welcome to more information about the extraordinary Chenseed

Welcome to more information about the extraordinary Chenseed

Section 1: Chenseed’s Only Home

The ChenseedIP tree grows only in the one area of the world shown on the map, at right, as Chenseed Home. That location is the geological Center of the Continental Drift, away from which the continents are drifting at the rate of 15 miles every one million years.

Nostradamus, Europe’s greatest prophet, referred to the location as the Center of the Earth, when he wrote that “benefits to the whole world will come from the Center of the Earth”. The prophecy is in Nostradamus’ Epistle to King Henri II of France, which he wrote in 1548 AD. As you can easily see, that spot appears to be at the exact center of the map.

This extraordinary relationship exists for a significant reason. We will show what and why in Section 6, below.

World Map Showing Chenseed Home
Illustration 1: Click Map to enlarge. This Map of the World shows the only place where the Chenseed tree grows

The ChenseedIP tree grows and yields fruit without receiving any particular attention. An Igbo family will usually have one tree in the remotest corner of its compound, to supply the family’s needs.

The ChenseedIP tree is a hardwood tree, which lives for decades. It can grow to a height of 50 feet or more, and yield fruit all year round. Its fruit, the ChenseedIP NutriballIP, is a large ball that can be more than 18 inches in diameter, and weigh more than 40 pounds. It is not eaten by any pests.

The ChenseedIPNutriballIP does not need to be harvested. The tree itself gives it as a gift to the Igbo, by letting it fall to the ground at its peak of ripeness. All that the Igbo have to do to enjoy this highly nutritious food, is process it. But, alas, nothing is free! The processing of ChenseedIP is a specialized and labor-intensive, multi-step endeavor; it can take weeks.

Section 3: Watch Out!

A 40-pound ChenseedIPNutriballIP falling from a height of 30 feet can cause serious injury or death, if it hits someone. And that has actually happened on rare occasions. This is why the ChenseedIP tree is allowed only in the remotest corner of the Igbo family’s compound, away from daily family activities.

The Continental Drift is the slow drifting apart of the continents. It is a manifestation of the geological science of Plate Tectonics.

Continental Drift was discovered by the German, Alfred Wegener, PhD. He first proposed the drift in 1912 AD (4-88 MSD), and later published his discovery in 1915 AD (4-85 MSD) in German. He titled the book Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane, which means The Origin of Continents and Oceans.

Continental Drift is centered at the Hallowed Ground in Nubia. From that center point, all the other five Continents are moving, while the Continent of Nubia itself does not. See illustration 2, at right.

The rate of the Continental Drift is 15 miles every one million years, or 0.9 inches (2.25 centimeters) per year. To view the location of the Hallowed Ground in North Nubia, Illustration 1, above.

World Map Showing The Continental Drift
Illustration 2: The World 200 Million Years Ago, Showing The Continental Drift

The Drift was initiated 200 million years ago by the Creator, when It decided to transfer dominance of Planet Earth to humankind, and had to change the planet’s climate in order to make it more suitable as home to the new humankind.

Regarding the Continental Drift, the book segment titled “THE GUIDE: Part One” says on page 17: The Source drew Lines of Separation on the supercontinent, 200 million years ago, in the shape of the six Continents we know today. Then, selecting a point in Nubia, near today’s Equator, the Source ordained that point the geologic ‘Center of the Earth’ and ordered the Continents to move away from that center. Those movements, named the Continental Drift by scientists, are continuing even now. THE GUIDE: Part One is in the book, THE GUIDE Known As The Morning Star, by the Teacher. Published by Morning Star Guide Publications of New York City.

The new humankind are the people selected from the existing human population that first appeared on Earth at the “Cambrian Explosion”, 590 million years ago. Archaeologists use the term, Cambrian Explosion, to designate the relatively sudden event when most of the species now living on Planet Earth, first appeared in the archaeological record.

The new humankind had earned the reward of an opportunity to make Planet Earth a Perfect Place. That reward is also known as the Great Work of the Ages or the Great Assignment.

Section 5: The Communion of the Morning Star

The new humankind and their descendants lived at the Hallowed Ground for one half million years. They lived happily and peacefully, enjoying ChenseedIP along with other exotic, nutritious, and natural gifts of the tropics. Then the Communion of the Morning Star took place. After that, some of the new humankind had to move away to become 2 of the 3 Great Races. These are the Great Asian Race, the Great European Race. The Great Nubian Race continued to live there.

For full details of the Communion of the Morning Star, please see the book titled THE GUIDE Known As The Morning Star. And for an authoritative account of the Origin of the Races, please see the book titled From The Writing Desk of The Teacher, Volume 2. Both books are written by the Teacher, and published by Morning Star Guide Publications of New York City.

Section 6: The Significance

The unusual presence, at just one spot, of the Center of the Continental Drift, the new humankind, the Communion of the Morning Star, and exclusive ChenseedIP is not a coincidence. We now present the remarkable significance:

6-1. The new humankind was given the highly nutritious ChenseedIP and other tropical foods for its sustenance. Those who later had to leave the Hallowed Ground, also had to leave ChenseedIP behind.

6-2. The separation from ChenseedIP was just long enough to provide the unique opportunity for the Teacher, an Igbo, to reintroduce ChenseedIP to the rest of the world in 2011 AD.

6-3. The unlikely presence of the 4 major items at just one place, enables the Family of Humankind to recognize that the current human population began at the Hallowed ground. It also shows humankind that the voracious tropical termite eats up artifacts on which archaeologists unduly - and inevitably - rely.

6-4. This astonishing combination of extraordinary facts calls the attention of all of humankind to the Guide as well as to the Teachings of the Guide, which is a Settled Science you can test and verify. The Guide and the Teachings of the Guide will enable humankind to end violence, and successfully accomplish the Great Work of the Ages.

There is no other food like ChenseedIP

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